Fest på Rosenhill

Hello everyone
Next weekend i will have Work shop in hula hoop for those who want to get hot tips and try out the magical danse and bliss of thies circle. Thies will happen 17.00

Later i will have a fire show whit live music gambling of my dear friend Diipak whit his band.
So if you do not have anything else for you this weekend, you wont to meet some nice people and filling your ears and eyes whit a new experience….  I think you can come 🙂

For more details, visit the Facebook page here

Love and spin
Jelena Mitra

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2 kommentarer till Fest på Rosenhill

  1. vortleog skriver:

    E ugosemeba vipojera xihucoba yubihonigi, gafawel ukive etedeja oxizu uwar cubelozo!!


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