Back in Sweden

hey all the beautiful Hula hoop interested out there.

I am back in Sweden now after 3 months intense traveling, studying and learning in California.

I am full of new knowledge , inspiration and energy to now really go out and share with you the magic Hula hoop dance in Scandinavia.

After the holiday i will move to a littel place outside Göteborg. I will start so soon as possible whit classes in Göteborg. Stay intune fore more update.

Happy holiday and magical last day of the time day… Love and spinning spirals / Jelena Mitra

Spiral Liv Lo och Jelena Mitra

12.12.2012 was there the World Hoop day. I was on a Hoop event in Oakland there Spiral, Tiana, Zach Fischer and Marria Grace from Ninja Hoops and many more amazing teacher was preforming and teaching. More inspiration and good connection.

hoop reed wood forest colorAnother tripp to the magical reed wood forest

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