Day 7 of 30/30

Today has been fantastic weather so I trained outdoors on just my Flow dance. After an hour I was also joined by my two friends. I learned them some trix and to really nice house/teckno music we danced and had a lot of fun 🙂

day 7:30

New hoopsAnd I made new Hula Hoops. They are for sale, contact me if you want to buy 🙂


It is about to do Hula Hooping for 30 days and 30 minutes throughout May. It is  which is ¨organizes¨ it.

With this challens, I see the opportunity for me to train intense and practis on my new trix that I want integrete in my Hula Hoop routine. In about a month, I have my first performance for the summer festivals seson… so it fits perfect.
Im happy to shape up my body as well.

I’ll post a note and pictures of my hula hoop workout on my blog here and Facebook page. Each day will probably not be easy so you ar more then welcome to suport me in any way 🙂

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