California 2013

Well… now I have only a few days left in California. My journey has been absolutely amazing, inspiring and clarification .

Hoop camp was such blessing to come back to. Meet the community and the center of where hoop dance started to spin up .

I have learned a lot of new tricks and how I can perform and teach even better.
It’s been good to me, after an intense summer in Sweden with a lot of workshops and performances.

I got me a little vacation up north in California on a mountain. On top of the mountain , I did  yoga and i meditate up the sun , yoga and i meditate down sun. What a bliss OUT!
Ridden horses and danced hula hoop several times a day.


I have put together a new choreography in 2 minutes I’m going to compete in Talent Sweden 2014. Aoudison is November 27,  you get to keep hard inches to me that i go further in the competition so i can really reached out Hula Hooping to Sweden .

Life , life, what opportunities , what meetings and what experience I have packed with me.

I’m inpirerad and love. So in love with nature and everything and everyone that is connected to it. So much life and love in me, it is fortunate that hooping has come into my life so I can express this gratitude.

Skärmavbild 2013-10-27 kl. 06.24.18

From my vacation up at the mountains

Skärmavbild 2013-10-27 kl. 06.30.10


Skärmavbild 2013-11-16 kl. 00.41.39

IMG_1136My sweet hoop sister’s Nikki and Amanda at Hoop camp 2013



Jelena Mitra

Berget cali nikki loggo



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