What if money was no object? What would you do?

I was recommended by my sweet Hula Hoop sister Nikki Prizma Kaminski listening to this man on youtube i ben posting down at the page.  I forgot that for a ¨second¨.

Now Anna Rövardottir sends this video to me on Facebook. In the exact best moment!

I’m in Karlstad and spent time with some of the 2 generation older than me and they stated that I should take a ¨normal¨ job.
I got very said to hear that again!. I managed to keep my center pretty good and not take it in to me to much.
But these people know from my life that I will go my own way, they know that I have regularly work (but i would love more… so book me 😉 ) and that Talent Sweden is on Thursday with a television broadcast on TV3.
I wish maybe they would motivate and support me.

I love dance, hula hooping, dress me up in creativity costumes. Way should i take another job when there actually is people that pay me good to do that?! Hihihi It’s awesome and soooo fun!

I know also from beautiful refrains of the of the audience, my shows are not only entertaining.
I have received compliments; ¨That is the most beautiful thing I’ve seen in my entire life¨.
Wow … that is a strong compliment! If I can give people the best experience they’ve had in their life from something i love to do! ……. It must mean; That it is what I should do.!!!!!

I feel like my performance is a channeling, I kind of just going in to a space there we al traveling in to a moment of beauty and heart warming feelings. I putting a lot of work on my choreograph but ALL work coming with love, because i love it!  It is a gift to me that i ben finding a way to remind other people about just that! Find your essence and do it, share it and inspire others.

I just want to say the same as Alan Watts! Live your dream, do what you love to do, there is no time to waste! Because we can really create magic and beautiful memoirs and moment’s. Make this world better for our children and the next generation. We are all one. Do others a favor and take advantage of this gift.
//Jelena Mitra


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