Ängsbacka New year Festival 2013

Woow….What a journey, heart opening and expanding. I am so motivated and ecstatic!!

A five -day festival at Ängsbacka ‘s retreat center . A center for those who want to find home to your heart, ready for intimate , deep encounters with people and go on inspiring and energetic workshop that puts you in touch with your spirit.

I was one of about 10 outer workshop leaders . I kept in Hula hoop dance work and my creative ¨ Dancing fire Mandala scermony ¨ .
Here we worked with the fire, we lighted up and connected us to our inner fire , our sexual power , our creative force of our life’s energy that makes us dance our way forward in life.
It was a successful workshop and a lot of new ideas, sinking into me while we were working on this .
I also got time for exploring outer teachers workshop’s. Tantra workshop with Lin ananda !
We worked with the fire on the tantra workshop too, not in its form as we see it with the eye, but its energy. This workshop was incredibly healing and inspiring for me , it brought an important part of being able to live even more true to myself.

On New Years Eve , I also had a hula hoop dance show and a glowing , hot and fun fire show. Wooow what a party and feast , dancing and celebration at the highest levels , love was our only drug !

Ängsbacka Nyår


Practice for the hula hoop dance show


Amazing delicious New year dinner


Dancing Fire Mandala Workshop

Fire show



Skärmavbild 2014-01-03 kl. 12.21.39HAPPY 2014



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