Hoop Dance workshop i Oslo


Hejjj Hoopers in Oslo
It will be super exciting to come to ¨Rome For Dance¨ and hold workshops for your Hoop Community in Oslo and the area around.

The workshop will be suitable for you who have been doing a little bit of Hooping before, if you been doing a beginners workshop, course ore just learn some Hooping in front of youtube it’s good 🙂
I’ll post it on one level so we all will get something out of it.

Hoop Dance is for me much more that a workout form.
We will do work out to get warm 😉 but we will also work with the whole geometrical energy system that our entire nature is built up on and moving within. Circles and Spirals!! Wiiho 😀 !!

I will do a introduction and explain little about Secret Geometry and how connected it is to the Hoop Dance. How we can use that knowledge to expand our personally Hoop Dance style.

I will also share with you my favorite tricks and moves and finish the workshop with some exciting Hooping-group exercises.

Otherwise, I have Danced Hoop Dance for almost 5 years.
Today I perform regularly around Sweden.
I have visited, trained and been on workshop with Hoop Gurus such as; Spiral, Shakti Sunfire, Malcolm Stuart and many more, have a lot of jummy inspiration to share with you 🙂
2012 i performed at Hoop Camp in California and in 2013, I visited Hoop Camp for the second time.
2013 I also did a ¨ Teacher Training with Jo Mondy of Live Love Hoop in the UK.
In the summer I teach in UK Hoop Gathering, Finland’s Hoop Gathering and Boom Festuval.

The event will cost 200kr bring cash please.

Bring also your Hoop. There will be some extra to borrow and also some colorful new fresh Hoop’s for sell.

I looking forward to inspire and get inspired. Inspiration in spirit 😉
Flow and Dance forward
Jelena Mitra Thiessen Mitra Hoop


Thanks to Mad Moonrise Hoop Dance that helping organize this event. Don’t miss here coming up classes in Dans For Rom that starts soon. If you are new to hoop dance and want to learn the basics, sign up for a beginner class, starting thursday this week: www.madmoonrise.com

Hoop workshop Oslo hemsida


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