Yoga – en heltäckande träning för dansare, artister och ALLA!

I start landing in Stockholm and looking so much forward to being a part of the creative process in this town. Capital of Sweeeeden!

Right now it is yoga that is the theme!
I have Yoga since I was 18 i startet at Yoga Skolan in Karlstad and when I moved to Oslo really started to take yoga in to my life.  I met one of the people who has influenced my life very strong. John Bentham from New York but now based in Oslo. Amazing being,  with so much light, love and joy to save the world through Yoga!  Incredibly talented teachers at all levels.  Eight Treasures Yoga

Since I stopped going regularly by Jon Bentham , I still practiced his flow and style.
But now is the time to be filled with inspiration again .
I’ve Googled around, got some tips from friends on various Yoga studios here in Stockholm . Today I visited two places, and tomorrow I will visit another studio .
I thought I’d put together a blog post and an evaluation about my experience at the various studios. I plan to at least try 4 different studios.
Can be useful for other new coming to Stockholm ore if you live in Stockholm and you would like to start Yoga…. (I highly recommend that) Otherwise, as John said: The Teachers will come to you! You need to ask and then it is very thru…

For me , yoga has been a form of exercise to get me to come into the body and my breathing . It is so directly in a way. Yoga is so good exercise in order to get a complete workout.  Flexibility, strength, balance and a lot more…..
As a performer and dancer , I think this is incredibly useful tool to build , develop and strengthen the body . You also get lot great therapy and meditations that always make me realize ¨Aha!! This is yoga¨
In any case, that the kind of yoga I’m looking for . There are many to choose from, so many teachers and as many roads .

I will this week try out a few different studios, styles and teachers, and feel free to follow my journey around this.

Here is my video I made when I lived on a mountain in California.

Flow and Dance


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