Hoop Dance and Flow Workshop with JELENA MITRA in Copenhagen

Dear ones…
I coming to Copenhagen so i would love to spin, meet and share some Hoop dance with you.
I will hosting tow workshop, a beginner and one more advance. The time between this workshop i will have a Hoop talking cirkel for around 30 min. It is about Sacred Geometry and the concision to Hoop dance. This circleis for everybody Doesn’t matter which workshop you going on. I would really love to share this with all of you.

There is limited spaces, so pleas registration your participation to post@jelenamitra.com
Secure your space with a deposit of 50 DK through PayPal
(more details I send out together with your registration )
So welcome…..

workshop köpenhamn

12.00- 13.15
An introductors workshop new ore beginner in Hula Hoop.

Hoop dance is a great tool, toy, portal to get in shape in a fun way. It’s stimulates and free endorphins, builds up stamina and muscle in a gentle way.
Open up your mind to new creative paths and movements that you might thought you never could do with a Hula Hoop.
I will guide you to come in contact with the Hoop and to find your flow in a playful way. Teach the basic trix and movement that you can bring in to your dance ore use for fitness.
Expect laughter, insperation and delightful stimulation on all levels. Individual training, but also fun and playful group exercises.

Workshop + Sacret Gemetry Philosophy 200 DK 

13.30 – 14.00
Sacret Gemetry and the conecson to Hula Hoop dance
When we Hoop dance we are traveling our body in and through strong genetic pattern and spirals.
Flower of Life is one of them. The seed, symbol, structure of all matters that exist in this teary dimension reality that we are living in. It is Secret Geometry, nature’s most natural pattern that can be found everywhere and in everything. A key to the healing power behind Hoop dance.
We bring together and looking at the similarity of philosophy, mystery and science. This can open clarity of why the Hula Hoop dance feels so awesome!

14.00 – 15.30
More advanced Hoop Dance
I will share and teach some of my favorite tricks. To help us get the movement in a awesome and and the dynamic way, we will
connect and be aware of the Geometry with in the tricks.
Expect breaks, with legs, movement from vertical to horizontal.

Workshop + Sacret Gemetry Philosophy 250 DK 

Hoop dance gemetry

I’m Jelena Mitra from Sweden, has over 12 years working with dance, theater and acrobatics.
In a trip to America the Hula hoop dance came into my life. It opened up a whole new awareness for me. I found my tool, to share and spread my gift as an expressive artist. But I also found a way to connect with my self, body and get in touch with some amazing dimension. To day it is a deep passion, hobby and work. I preforming regularly al around Europe with my Hoops, LED ore fire.
I been teaching at Helsinki Hoop convention, Oslo, workshop in California and i also performed at Hoop Camp in Santa Cruze. In August i go to UK Hoop gathering for teaching.

Some in between 20.00 to 02.00 I will perform at the Samsara dance club.
Welcome to see me in full Hoop Dance action!
Flow and dance forward
Jelena Mitra Hoop


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