Boom Festival 2014 Hula Hoop Dance Show

Then I have fulfilled another dream. Stand on the world’s biggest stage in the Psychedelic trance cultur

Mitra Hoop Dance tempel Boom Festival

Boom Festival
Temple Dance Stage 2014

I’m so touched on so many levels. With all 45,000 visitors succeed this festival do an excellent job for sustainability and awareness. No big brands at the festival, recycling, workshops, performances, music and art that awakens the heart and soul to look deeper at life.

Getting to Boom as a artist has been such an honor. They took such good care and appreciated my works and art very much. Deeply grateful for the love and kindness they gave.

The theme for this year was the Divine Feminine and it was something that you could feel the work behind. When the feminine take place you feel the holiness, and not just fullon 24 hours music. Everything around creates a festival and with feminine touch the festivals successful maid this a amazing 8 days. To honor and lift up this energy, the feminine spirit is something i think many of us ¨Boomers¨ will bring back home.

I performed  every day for 6 days and got so much appreciation and thanks that I never had before.

1 bodypainting psy boom festival mitrahoop

I performed in a full body painting by amazing artist Lela Perez

UV black light ailien alf frome another plantet at boom festival

performance art at boom festival


Mitra hoop lisa looping boom hula hoop festival

alchamy circle stage and flower at boom festival performance costume and multi hoop mitra hoop Stylts gold ferry from boom we are love DSC02702 DSC02794 DSC02798 DSC02827


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