De fabulösa Enhörningarna i London

So this weekend I performed at the Burning Man Decompression party in London .
An incredibly large Veny with 5 different dance, scenes with different themes in all its colors. Glitter, light and creative people bubbling around and celebrated life. Shared art and expression.

I hung out with my fabulous unicorn friends and with my love Shaft which has started up the fabulus of unicorns movement in London.

Spreading the joy, sparkle and make people dance and go in a ecstatic dance is what we doing.

In London there is 52 unicorns doing Unicorn gigs every weekend at different partys, event, clubs and festivals. It is a movement, it is a thing, we go outside the box and expanding your reality.

Recently released a documentary about Shaft and the fabulus of unicorns through

One of the biggest one-line documentation canals you will find on the internett. A amazing fun, beautiful and unusual documentary which follow a person who identifies himself as a unicorn more than human.

A person that do not care what other people say and completely go for doing his thing, manifest his dreams and creating the world he want to live in. Yes we are the only create of our life, there is no one els, you can decide right now how you want to feel and what you want to have in your life. Such characters as Shaft truly  inspire me.


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