Drag show and Hoopicorn performance

Yesterday Stockholms  Fabulus of Unicorns perform at the nightclub Wonk in Stockholm with famous Duo-RAW, Nosslo-Grebnellaw Aniluap och Samantha Stretch! Amazing fun show and crazy weird acts that expand your reality of what the fu*k is possible to do on stage! Be your self and push the bonderis!
Mitra Hoop a 5 min LED Hula Hoop act that become very appreciated.

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De fabulösa Enhörningarna i London

So this weekend I performed at the Burning Man Decompression party in London .
An incredibly large Veny with 5 different dance, scenes with different themes in all its colors. Glitter, light and creative people bubbling around and celebrated life. Shared art and expression.

I hung out with my fabulous unicorn friends and with my love Shaft which has started up the fabulus of unicorns movement in London.

Spreading the joy, sparkle and make people dance and go in a ecstatic dance is what we doing.

In London there is 52 unicorns doing Unicorn gigs every weekend at different partys, event, clubs and festivals. It is a movement, it is a thing, we go outside the box and expanding your reality.

Recently released a documentary about Shaft and the fabulus of unicorns through Vice.com

One of the biggest one-line documentation canals you will find on the internett. A amazing fun, beautiful and unusual documentary which follow a person who identifies himself as a unicorn more than human.

A person that do not care what other people say and completely go for doing his thing, manifest his dreams and creating the world he want to live in. Yes we are the only create of our life, there is no one els, you can decide right now how you want to feel and what you want to have in your life. Such characters as Shaft truly  inspire me.

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Kroppsmålning som marknadsföring skapar liv och mångdimensionell upplevelse

För några veckor sedan gick jag tillsammans med systrarna  Cornelia och Carolina får www.formochfantasi.se 
Vi gjorde ett bodypaint-project som vi tänkte sälja in och inspirera världen med.

Kroppsmålning / Bodypainting är en fantastisk konst som skapar en levande och en tredimensionell upplevelse.
Tillsammans med Hulas Hoop skills blir det ju helt fantastiskt. 🙂

Bodypainting kan användas för en effektfull, levande och kul marknadsföring till företag eller org

Kolla in min Italienska kollega Lela Perez jobb:

Kroppsmålning för marknadföring Kroppsmålning bodypaint marknadsföring konst.jpg1 Kroppsmålning bodypaint marknadsföring konst.jpg Kroppsmålning bodypaint marknadsföring konst

Thank you so much Julia Reinhart for the photos and editing on our body paint project.
Amazing photographer that i highly recommend. So easy to work with and the result is always mind blowing! Like and cheek her out at: https://www.facebook.com/juliareinhartphotography/?fref=ts

Regnbåge cirkus och kroppsmålning till företag 2 Regnbåge cirkus och kroppsmålning till företag 3 Regnbåge cirkus och kroppsmålning till företag 1 Regnbåge cirkus och kroppsmålning till företag

MinzweZve4UKXvNnyZ6EO7FZqIG2LpTS4et7qSWe2Po m9uJpjsnELDcf9pzy-PwozZiED_vLsVM3-8OTX0eH2Y

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Underhållning och show i rika Italien

A week in Italy for jobs and create contacts. I got a real insight into the amazing sensory-rich country.

I love their passion for quality food, wine and coffee. It is really sad that Italy is is such a poor and unstable country despite their gifts.
They could be one of the richest countries because they give the rest of the world so much taste experiences, they stand for delicacies, olives, pesto, pasta, pizza, nougat, pistachio, fashion, design, makeup and has so much history preserved.

IMG_9807 IMG_9810

But unfortunately it sits some greedy shark at the top of the system that stops the money in his own pocket. I meet so many frustrating educated Italians who do not get jobs because of their fuckt up system.
So grateful to have the opportunity to live in Sweden and has a system that actually works very good compare to many countries in the rest of the world. BUT ofcours we can be so much better! Alwas.

The way we Swedes are working is so much easier, organized and professional.
It has been quite a challenge to work in Italy, working mentality, structure and organization are far from being the same as in Sweden. I am pleased to stand in this life experience that made my mind  expanded again. Embrace and accept that all is not as we might like it to be, and just try to make the best of what is going on right now in life.
How can I create the most enjoyable moments of where I am just right now?! How can i make this situation as enjoyable and fun as possible?!  Good to ask that on an off sometimes in life so we don’t get stuck in comfort or laziness. Try new things, push your boundaries, expand and grow!

Flow and dance forward

Mitra Hoop

Working with Lela Peretz Italiens numer one bodypainter


Halloween makeupIMG_9815

Working in Sondrio at a culturfestival

IMG_9813 IMG_9814

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Rockrings workshop i Göteborg

Thank you all for yesterday! Soooooooooooooooooooo amazing fun to se so many there.
I feel it really start to happening in Sweden now.
Thank you for spreading it.

Keep on hooping and remember you can always show up at the same location where we was yesterday on Wednesday for practice Hula hooping.
Join the Facebook group¨Hula Hoop Göteborg¨ for updates.
EVERYBODY are welcome to post anything in the group about hooping in GBG, ore general awesome hoop-videos, thoughts, cool hula hoops you sean on internet and so on….
We are a community, family, here to lift each other up!
Like many out there the Hula Hoop healed me and made me believe in myself in an entirely different plane.
Thanks to all the videos on internet, the hoop convention I went to and meet this opens and lovely Hoop community.
We are here to shine, do what we love and spread that joy. So please keep it up! You are awesome and a gift to the world. Life is awesome, yes it is! 

12006307_1113119105374281_8930823361752733108_n 12027751_1113119085374283_8714705735551211554_n 12039735_1113119132040945_2298275947284946611_n 12049129_1113119065374285_2501169414383701443_n

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Yes, I did!
Lay in bed at 3:00 am on saturday night after a crazy grand fire show and then get up at 6:30 to be on TV 4.
Sweden’s largest TV channel. Did a LED light performance with hoops from Astral hoops and moodhoops. Talked about hoop dance culture/community, the training that is growing and getting bigger in the world. I finally got the opportunity to spread this in Sweden directly to a wider audience.
Let’s spin up world!

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Boom 2015 tar av för Mitra Hoop

Det var länge sedan jag skrev något i bloggen pågrund av att vi bygger om min hemsida. men Mitra Hoop är väldigt aktiv. Därför har det också kanske blivit mindre inlägg för att mycket av min tid går åt av att träna och jobba med nya koreografier och kostymer.

Detta året har det hänt otroligt mycket spännande gigg. Har bland annat gigat för Liseberg nu, Nobel festen, Hamburger börs och många flera.

ska bli lite bättre på att uppdatera er så ni vet att jag är aktiv och full on igång.

Flow and dance forward

11011062_10203839297291609_2909968291829992167_n 11070510_1593806204166514_5661759554358302057_n Eldfesten Göteborg 2015 07 Skärmavbild 2015-04-23 kl. 10.58.56

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